2GB vs 4GB

fodderoonie, Mar 12, 6:01am
Purchasing a new laptop for myself for using TradeME, downloading photos, facebook etc. Not a lot else.
Do I go for Hard Drive Size 500GB with Memory 4GB .
or 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive

_drdee_, Mar 12, 6:12am
a 2GB memory stick that you can add at any time is worth about $30.
The price for a 500GB HDD for a laptop is about $50.

Neither of those items have any real value and shouldn't be the deciding factor on choosing a laptop, speed and type of CPU will dictate the overall experience of the laptop (either make a coffee waiting for things to happen or almost instant at either end of the scale), and dedicated graphics if you want to do anything with video acceleration. The CPU and dedicated graphics CANNOT be upgraded at a later date.

soundsgood, Mar 12, 6:24am
For the activities you mention, 2GB of memory is ample.

How much disk space you need is determined by how many photos and videos you may have - along with anything else you may want to 'do'. I have nearly 300GB of family and travel photos, not to mention video) - but I keep them stored on external USB drives (replicated on more than one drive).

Just about any laptop made in the past half-dozen years (or more) will have sufficient grunt to perform those activities.

Perhaps you have other criteria such as weight (if carrying it far) or size of screen (if watching video of manipulating photos).

d.snell, Mar 12, 6:31am
Depends on the speed of the HDDs. are they both 5400 or is one 7200, I'd go for the 7200 regardless of it's size. Also, check which o/s the have installed. 32bit or 64bit. Again, 64bit is my preference.
So if they are both 7200 drives and 64bit, then the bigger system would be better, but only if the price is similar and the brand is the same. If they are different brands, then that makes a difference as well does the CPU. Intel is my preferred cpu as it's a bit more robust than it's AMD counterpart. In other words you need to supply much more information than what you have to get a expert opinion. :-)

fodderoonie, Mar 12, 6:52am
Going for price so looking between these.
Any thoughts techies!
Acer V5-571p Touch Enabled Notebook
Asus S400CA-CA012H Touch Notebook
ASUS F202E-CT063H Touch Enabled Notebook

d.snell, Mar 12, 7:10am
s400 but only 14" screen but typical ASUS build (shitty)
v5-571 is bigger screen and while some don't like Acer, I have had no problems with them.
wouldn't bother with the F202, it's only a celeron

vtecintegra, Mar 12, 7:27am
I'd go with the last one - much more reasonably sized screen means the very low resolution (which they all have) doesn't look as bad and its obviously much cheaper

The 847 isn't such abad CPU - you're more likely to notice the slow hard disk (no backing cache) than the CPU performance.

fodderoonie, Mar 12, 8:23am
Thanks heaps guys

hakatere1, Mar 12, 6:32pm
Have to agree with comments regarding hard drive.The most effective upgrade you can make to a laptop is install a sata3 ssd. Once over 2gb, ram is unimportant imo. Whereas CPU is.

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