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gibler, Mar 7, 4:05am
I'd rather stab myself with a blunt knife. Norton Supporters in 4 . 3 . 2 . 1

mazdasix, Mar 7, 4:07am
But I'd dip the knife in acid and then stab.

shore-trader, Mar 7, 4:10am
Thank you . agreed

mazdasix, Mar 7, 4:11am
Microsoft Security Essentials is the way to go :)

soundsgood, Mar 7, 4:27am
A rather one-eyed view.

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 4:42am
Norton is better than nothing, probably on a par with MSE.
Get something stronger: Panda Cloud & Avast spring to mind (both have free versions).

mazdasix, Mar 7, 4:45am
I disagree. MSE is great at keeping my PC virus free without constant popups and interruptions . With Norton, whenever I try to do something on it has a moan about it. TERRIBLE software. Slows my PC down too, and it's a quad core with lots of RAM.

teddy147, Mar 7, 4:50am
Microsoft Security Essentials is the way to go

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 4:50am
Hopefully MSE will improve. For the past 6 months it has consistently missed more viruses than about 8 other freeware A/Vs.

twinklestar2, Mar 7, 4:52am
Try avg its free

suicidemonkey, Mar 7, 5:01am
Doesn't bother me, haven't used an AV program for about 10 years. Never had a problem.

gordonh69, Mar 7, 6:22am
Avast and Malwarebytes

trade_menow, Mar 7, 6:46am
if you really have to pay for AV - Nod32 , but for free . panda cloud
nortons might have improved from its old days - will never know as i simply wont go near it

mark.52, Mar 7, 8:45am
Very happy with Avast free, but if I was given a Norton sub (for the AV, not a security suite) I'd try it out.

Reports I've read indicate it's much improved since about 2007.

dudekrulz, Mar 7, 9:00am
except drive-by downloads. Good luck with that. and no, 'common sense' is FAR from foolproof.

Also Norton post 2011 is fine. Not the very best by far from a bad product.

black-heart, Mar 7, 9:18am
I disregard any program whose uninstall attempts to get you to abort the uninstall, or sell / install another one of their products. Stinks of the type of unethical practises that nortons is supposed to protect you against.

waynenz, Mar 7, 9:22am
Avast and Malwarebytes have been excellent for me. No virus problems with them.

chnman, Mar 7, 9:59am
If you only want an Antivirus, I would recommend a free one like Avast free or PandaCloud free. Though if wanting a security suite it gets more complex in deciding what is "best" (for you). Even Avast has now added an extra security suite called "Premier" to join the "Internet Security" one. The Premier one would be "some extra features than the internet security", like Norton has with their Norton 360 vs Internet Security. The new version 8 range of Avast looks very similar to Norton, like for example:

http://www.cheapantivirushome.com/wp-content/uploads/Screenshot_120627476.jpg http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/cmsdata/downloads/29501/img3File.png

wind.turbine, Mar 8, 12:20am
The latest norton 360 seems fine.One thing i dont like is that it needs to a place to backup before i will scan

velenski, Mar 8, 1:58am
avast and spybot is all you need

peter148, Mar 8, 11:26am
My vote is for Eset antivirus, and Spybot still works fine at picking up traces.

oakie, Mar 8, 5:24pm
Nortons is fine, Google "10 best Internet Security" and Norton's will rate higher than Avast, or Nod 32 etc. over the past couple of years is has become light weight. modern interface as well.

footplate1, Mar 8, 7:14pm
Shifted from paid and free AVG (desk top and laptop) to Norton 360 and seems OK, so far.Only irritant is that the same spam (always referred) keeps coming in.

Otherwise no reason to complain.

neich, Mar 8, 7:36pm
I used to have NORTON. no more takes up to much space on your computer, have TREND, never regretted the change.

matsm_gachr, Mar 8, 7:50pm
I use McAfee, the best one I have used.

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