Help Please. Apple Iphone 3GS

A member of my family has just puchased on of these. They cannot get it to activate. When it arrived had owners sim in it. They removed it to replace with their own. But it will not activate. It won't even accept the origional now. Hav had it to Telecom and Vodophone with no luck. Has anyone got any ideas or can they point us in the right direction to get it sorted. eg Apple Dealer. TIA. Cheers

geek_guitarmansolo, Mar 9, 9:03 pm

What does it say when you try to activate!

geek_mitsiboy69, Mar 9, 11:32 pm

The phone says to contact provider for activation sim. any help with where to contact would be great. Cheers

geek_guitarmansolo, Mar 10, 6:32 pm

Ok so it's a locked phone. Which means you need a sim card from the original carrier to unlock (which you have no way of finding out) or by jailbreaking and hacktivating the phone which may not be possible depending on which version of IOS the phone is running.

geek_mitsiboy69, Mar 10, 7:59 pm

Many thanks for your help. Is there no way of contacting an Apple Agent or similar/ Sorry I have very limited Knowledge in these things, just trying to get some help for them. Maybe its a lost cause. Your help is much appreciated. Cheers

geek_guitarmansolo, Mar 11, 12:18 am

Avoid the flaky 3GS models that are being sold off was a deal that sounded too good to be true.

geek_tillsbury, Mar 11, 9:45 am

Thanks again for your help. Not sounding good. Is there nowhere you can take this fone and remedy the problem! Cheers

geek_guitarmansolo, Mar 12, 12:39 pm

Can you connect it to itunes and do a reset on it!
My phone had a PIN on it and all it needed was a reset through iTunes to open the phone up.

You can google it and there are heaps of videos on youtube

geek_english_rose, Mar 12, 1:05 pm

Locked phones are locked to a specific network when sold on a contract so that the user cannot change service provider until the contract is paid off. This problem is easily avoidedby only buying phones that are factory unlocked.

geek_mitsiboy69, Mar 12, 5:08 pm