I have Vodafone/2degrees phone and want to go to

Want to go to Telecom.
A Sampson Gio
Telecom plan better $19 60mins talk Unlimited texts and 500mb
it is mainly the MB i want for a little bit of trolling. thanks

geek_tuppy, Mar 9, 9:57 pm


geek_owene, Mar 9, 10:02 pm

if u can't say anything constructive go have coffee. Obviously I need a hand unlocking. Its not illegal is it

geek_tuppy, Mar 9, 10:08 pm

Take it into a telecom store and ask them to do it for you.

geek_budgel, Mar 10, 12:48 am

Won't work properly ( not at all where you are ) on XT. Handset would need to do 3G 850mhz. Would only work on 3G 2100mhz in the main centers.

geek_ross1970, Mar 10, 12:55 am

Hihly illegal and you will end up in jail.

geek_owene, Mar 10, 8:52 am

It will only work in main NZ cities.I had the same situation in Auckland, works perfectly fine daily, but if you drive 30 minutes outside of town, reception will decrease.

geek_mone, Mar 10, 8:57 am

Very few vodafone and 2 degrees phone are compatible with telecom's network. Telecom has a page on their site where you can find out if yours is. Go here to see .


geek_traceyracey70, Mar 10, 7:33 pm

Really!,,,,What a fuss there'd be if they produced cars that only ever ran on bp.

This whole cell phone scene is an expensive carve up. A license to rip off customers.

Edit: The first few threads on here this morning are dominated by cell type business.

geek_hakatere1, Mar 10, 8:23 pm

Vodafone/2Degrees have invested in a different frequency to Telecom. While most high end phones support all these bands, not so much with cheaper handsets.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 10, 11:57 pm

Why would you think it would be locked anyway! Only phone sold in NZ locked are skinny phones. If your phone was an import, it would have been unlocked when the vodafone nz sim was installed anyway.

geek_d.snell, Mar 11, 1:02 am

Can you take out the battery and write down the exact model number!, it should usually starts with S, like S5660. Come back with the model number so we can find out exactly what variant of Samsung Gio is it and if its' suitable for XT network.

geek_ammoola, Mar 11, 3:16 am

Terrible analogy.

It's more like some cars need 95, some need 91 and some are fine on either

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 11, 5:24 am

Trolling . .


geek_wellystretch, Mar 11, 6:19 am


A terminology error I feel.

geek_therafter1, Mar 11, 7:15 am

If its mainly for the mb why dont you go with 2 degrees or vodafone. They have basically the same plan for the same price.

geek_traceyracey70, Mar 11, 10:17 am

It's not illegal, but as mentioned it's exceptionally unlikely that your phone is locked at all . only skinny lock phones at the moment. The rest just tie you into a 24 month contract and charge you the full price of the phone if you want out before it's ended.

geek_little_egypt, Mar 11, 10:34 am

just get a telecon hotspot or a telecon mobile i got one from dse for 70 repaired phonetelecoms xt is its own frequency as posted above.

geek_intrade, Mar 11, 10:45 am

No it's not obvious.Obvious would be "How do I unlock my phone!" or "Can anyone help me unlock this phone!"As it stands, your post doesn't contain any kind of question.If you have a look on your keyboard you will see a symbol that looks like this "!".It's called a question mark.If you put it at the end of a sentence, it turns the sentence into a question, then people will know that you are asking for something, rather than making a statement.

geek_cafc2012, Mar 11, 8:26 pm