Smart TV help needed with wifi connection.

kiwidee, Mar 2, 7:30am
We just bought a Panasonic Viera LED Smart TV today, model ET50Z which connects to our wifi. I can't seem to get it past the connection test as it says gateway not responding. I have manually put in all the correct numbers I THINK lol. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

shall, Mar 2, 7:34am
are you sure you have the right IP Addresses !

Do you manually have to configure it, or can you use DHCP to do it dynamically !

kiwidee, Mar 2, 7:36am
I think I have put in all the right numbers. When I test the connection it ticks all the boxes until it gets to gateway and then says its not responding.

kiwidee, Mar 2, 7:36am
Can I do it automatically instead of manually! If the TV is smart it should do it for me lol

shall, Mar 2, 7:39am
im not sure what the setup is for your model, but if its a gateway problem,then make sure you have the correct gateway address,

if you go to your Command prompt on the pc, assuming its using the same wireless,and then go Windows Key and R, type in CMD and press Enter

then type in ipconfigand enter,

what comes up for your gateway address there ! firstly does it match what you have used on tv!

shall, Mar 2, 8:01am
also is your wireless and modem in 1 or do you have a wireless access point and a seperate modem !

kiwidee, Mar 2, 8:07am
Its all in one. And I checked and the gateway address is the correct one, Im pulling my hair out lol

spyware, Mar 2, 9:28am
Can you ping the TV's IP address.

deodar1, Mar 2, 9:44am
These bloody Tv's that're smarter than the owners**#(the bald ones)Take it back as unsuitable for you to buy! No worries, even cows need dogs to
help them find the Gateways-get a Blue Heeler maybe!The Farmer shall
put you straight when needingmilkin his blood+#!* tea.

daniel993, Mar 3, 1:44am
Unplug your router for 10sec then plug back in works for me.

fordcrzy, Mar 3, 6:46am
smart tvs are dumb. we have one and got sick of it very quickly. its now hooked up to a proper Home theater PC that actually does everything the tv SAID it would do but doesnt (and the htpc is way faster and easier to use thatnks to XBMC and my logitech 785 remote)

muzzaandmich, Mar 3, 8:30am
Quick fixgive a 5year old the remote all sorted

steel34, Mar 3, 8:40am
I wouldn't bother with it. We got last years Series 7 55" Samsung LED TV (which is fairly high end) and navigating the user interface for the Smart TV is terrible, extremely slow and laggy. Not sure about this years models, but from what I've heard, all smart TV's, regardless of brands are slow and laggy.

timberman, Mar 11, 10:06am
I have a smart Samsung TV
It is fabulous
I just run streaming software from several PC's & then you just select the source on your TV to your new network
you can stream Images,Videos,& music

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