Advice for changing email address please?

macclan4, Mar 8, 3:03am
I am hoping some computer literate person can advise me.I have just got a new laptop with windows 8, and it will not load my email from Farmside, as they use pop3.Will I have to open a gmail account and transfer everything to there, or is there an easier way!I have to say I am not enjoying windows 8 so far.Looking forward to some educated advice, you people haven't steered my wrong before.Thanks.

trad, Mar 8, 3:37am
You could login to farmside webmail and check your email here:

king1, Mar 8, 3:44am
download and install windows live mail.

It is only the mail app that doesn't do pop access - windows live mail will
Untick all the other garbage - unless you really want it

macclan4, Mar 11, 5:01am
Thanks for the advice, i have downloaded windowslive, and its all good. I appreciate the help!

little_egypt, Mar 11, 5:12am
Change to google anyway. One day you'll have more and cheaper options than just farmside, but you won't be able to switch because too many people know your farmside email address. Better to use google and then you're not tied to a single provider for your internet.

newbie5, Mar 11, 6:19am
As egypt said
Change to gmail now then it doesnt matter what os or isp you use because all you ever need is a Google account just forward all your emails now to a gmail acc and notify all your contacts of the new email address

mattnzw, Mar 11, 7:30am
Ask farmside for a solution. But you should be able to use pop3 with windows 8 without any problems. You may need to download microoft live mail/outlook express, or whatever they now call it.

joanie04, Mar 11, 8:25am
The teenager's new laptop is running windows 8 and she was having problems with her Orcon emails.I don't know what she did but she has no problems now. She may have used Orcon's self help and fixed it herself. She didn't download windows live mail.

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