Why wont gmail let me have access on my android ph

purplegoanna, Mar 10, 6:58pm
duno what happened ova the weekend but now my android phone wont let me sign into gmail,.it keeps saying my address and passowrd dont match.i even went as far as doing a factory restore but it still wont accept it.i did the same thing on the computer this morning and it WONT LET ME IN EITHER.

lilyfield, Mar 10, 7:03pm
The obvious - wrong password!

purplegoanna, Mar 10, 7:06pm
nup nothings changed its just got me locked out.gonna try https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

purplegoanna, Mar 10, 9:04pm
no have had same passowrd for over a year.tried it in caps and lower case and it still wont let me in.

_drdee_, Mar 10, 9:59pm
Can you get in via a web page!

purplegoanna, Mar 10, 10:00pm
no cant understand why.nothing out of the ordinary happened i didnt change any settings on my gmail

venta, Mar 10, 10:35pm
They are trying to block out dodgy people !

purplegoanna, Mar 10, 10:35pm
sorted now .

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