Samsung tab 16gb or samsung tab 2 8gb?

busy.mum, Mar 9, 11:17pm
what is difference and what one would you choose and why, both are same price. Thanks

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 3:04am
Neither is a good option IMO - both have outdated processors and fairly poor screens

If you must get one of those then get the 2 because it has more up to date software, but you should strongly consider the better alternatives

cybertech, Mar 10, 4:52am
I agree with poster 2 consider your oprions we have Apple ipads in this house and the screens on them are awesome! do some research before you buy thats what we did.

busy.mum, Mar 10, 5:43am
dont want apple, so what are other recommendations

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 5:49am
Why do you not want to buy Apple! Is it something about the product, or you simply don't like the brand!

As far as Android goes I'd say the Nexus 7 and 10 are the two best choices, wouldn't bother with anything else

jahemian, Mar 10, 8:45am
Why do people try to force Apple products down other peoples throats! I was in Bond and Bond one day, and this guy clearly wanted an Android tablet, and the fucking sales guy was trying pretty hard to convince him to get an Apple.

*I* personally don't MIND Apple, except they're way over priced and you can get same quality for cheaper else ware.

Partner has something of "lower quality" (Z-Tab!), but it still does the same bloody job. Can watch movies.plays flash games, uses internet. Does everything an Apple can do. Except photos. But. He has a camera and a cellphone for that.

(Seriously, do people carry around their smart phones, high end cameras AND Ipads around with them and be like "er, I'll pullout the Ipad today and use that for a camera")

Anyway, in regards to the question, if I could afford it (you mentioned they where the same price!) Get the latest version. It has expandable memory, so memory shouldn't really be an issue.

//* Edit to say BF's tablet does have camera, just not really fancy

mikep, Mar 10, 9:45am
One reason I back away from these threads these days is that some answers are not replies to the original question, and are simply a promotion of someones favourite product, regardless of what the OP has stated. They then turn into the usual "this vs that" debate.

So, in answer to the question, go for the Tab 2 because you can always add extra memory via the SD slot, unlike certain tablets where you can't.

The Samsung tablets have got average but quite satisfactory screens, and the processors, despite being not up to current hardware specs (dual/quad core etc) run most of the apps in the Play Store and are good for basic browsing and email.

dylandylandylan, Mar 10, 9:53am
transformer infinity or the nexus 7, probably the only android based tablets I'll touch until next gen.

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 6:50pm
Because unless you need some feature specific to Android the iPad is the better bet.

The reason I asked is to attempt to narrow down OPs criteria a bit so a suitable alternative could be suggested

velenski, Mar 10, 7:30pm
nothing wrong with tab 2's ,very good for the price.

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