Iphone 5 owners a question

Hi would anyone who owns one please take out there sim and tell me if the little white dot has a little pink dot inside it! I am wondering if my phone has had water damage. I thought the whole dot would turn pink! So
just wonder if everyones dot inside sim space has is white with a tiny pink dot or does that mean water damage!

Cheers Macac

geek_macac, Mar 9, 2:41 pm

pink means its reacted to water

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 9, 4:48 pm

Sometimes they go pink by themselves i mean on electronic devices maybe low moisture levels!

geek_debzandsam, Mar 9, 5:15 pm

it's mainly white just a indented little pin prick size dot in the middle that is pink. So I just am interested to see what others with a iphone 5 look like. All the info on apple says it turns red. So I am hoping that the pink dot is standard on all Liquid Contact Indicators inside the sim hole on iphone5!

geek_macac, Mar 9, 7:30 pm

Is yours all white, or a tiny bit pink!

geek_macac, Mar 10, 1:22 pm

Mine is all white, no pink to be seen at all.

geek_spud1991, Mar 10, 5:05 pm


geek_macac, Mar 10, 9:00 pm

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geek_guest, Aug 4, 6:25 pm

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