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twinkle8, Mar 7, 8:11pm
When I went to use TV on Demand the other day it said i had to update Flash player, which I did but I still cant watcha program, using Google Chrome, i can watch TV3. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. i watched TV2 last night through Internet Explorer but it doesnt allow you ro pause, jump ahead or view on full screen so really would like the Google Chrone to work. Any ideas please!

smallfry, Mar 8, 11:13am
I could be wrong but I'm guessing you were at a site watching TV and Movies that have not been shown here when you updated "Flash"

If this was the case I'd be very afraid if you Virus and Malware programmes are not upto date

spyware, Mar 8, 2:22pm
Given both Chrome and IE use flash player then their functionality should be the same. I tested by watching Shortland St in HD and it is exactly the same.

Maybe start by telling us the version of flash is used in each browser.

twinkle8, Mar 10, 5:22am
Flash player is 11,6,602,171
Chrome is version 25.0.1364.152 m
are they suppose to be the same! I thought Chrome updates self.

twinkle8, Mar 10, 5:23am
Thanks for your reply - I wasnt watching when told to update and only watch TV programs that have already been shown, not movies.

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