Advice for a complete Computer Illiterate mum

rebelangel1, Mar 8, 11:42pm

How do you know what kind of RAM to buy to give your desktop more memory!

lilyfield, Mar 8, 11:47pm
crucial.comwill tell you

mikep, Mar 9, 12:17am
It would help with a bit more information. For example, type of computer, operating system, why you need more RAM etc.
The easiest way is to open it up and pull out the existing memory and take it to a computer shop.

lythande1, Mar 9, 12:43am
Look at the motherboard - the main board everything else is attached to inside.
There is a number on it, in fairly large print, this is the model number. Google it.
Gives you the manufacturer, go to their site and look at the specs of the board - it tells you what type of RAM to use.
Also, while you check for the number - you will be able to see how many slots are on it and how many free, so you will know whether you have spare slots or need to upgrade the ram completely to increase it.

r.g.nixon, Mar 9, 1:06am
Not the easiest way.
You would also need to take antistatic precautions.

soundsgood, Mar 9, 2:31am
Put down that screwdriver.

Download this trial software, and install the Business version:

Once it runs, look under the Hardware heading to the Memory section. It will tell you all you want to know about total memory and what is in each slot.

newbie5, Mar 9, 3:39am
Forget about all this useless information you have been given .about pulling your computer apart so you dont go and stuff something up as you have no idea what you are doing
Look in my computer / system /hardware and it should tell youIf not
Google your computer model number and look at the specs and you will see what ram you have and how much you can upgrade to

little_egypt, Mar 9, 5:54am
Bloody awful advice. Ram (like most computer parts) is static-sensitive and can be damaged just by handling it the wrong way. Just take the entire laptop to a computer shop; they can tell you what it needs, fit it for you, and run a memory test to be sure it's good before you leave the shop. They don't charge much either because it's literally a two minute job to fit new ram and start the memory test. Then they just leave it on the bench for half an hour to run the test.

(good shops might even fit it for free, because it'll save them the returns when people do it themselves and stuff it up.)

black-heart, Mar 9, 6:33am
Doesn't an app like speccy tell you what kind of ram you've currently got! Take off the cover and look for free slots, to see if you can add ram, or if you need to replace the current ram with bigger 'sticks'

little_egypt, Mar 9, 7:00am
If you want to buy ram off trademe and install it yourself, the best thing to do is run something like's system scanner. That will tell you what the laptop can take AND what you already have.

Typically you'll have two slots and only one stick of RAM in one. Usually it's best to get a second identical stick, same size and speed. But if you already have two sticks then you probably want to replace them. You may opt to replace them with a single much larger stick, eg pull out two 256M sticks and replace with a single 1GB or 2GB one. will tell you what your options are.

Once you've decided what you want, go buy it.

Also you might want to look on youtube before you start, there are videos one how to properly handle RAM and how to install it for most laptop models. Most laptops it's quite easy, just remove one panel underneath the laptop and there's a pair of sockets one above the other. But some older laptops have a memory socket either side of the motherboard, one you get to from underneath and the other you get to by removing the keyboard.

success27, Mar 9, 9:14am
little_egypt I am computer ILLiterate but OP says she has a desktop not a lap top as you are thinking.

little_egypt, Mar 9, 9:20am
Somehow I read laptop.

Desktops are a bit easier. I'd still apply the same advice though, no need to go taking it apart until you have the new ram in hand, and get some idea of what you're doing first. And if you're not sure take the computer (just the big metal box, you don't need to take the screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer etc) to a computer shop like pbtech and I'm sure they'll be happy to advise you.

rebelangel1, Mar 9, 12:51pm
thanks everyone, think i got it sussed now lol, not bad for someone who had no idea :)

newbie5, Mar 9, 10:22pm
Not bad All this advice for someone who said they are "Computer Illiterate " so in other words she has no idea what she is doing and you are all telling her to do Techy stuff that she has no idea what it all means or how to go about it. Great advice.
Now she has completely stuffed her computer because she has played around inside as told and shorted everthing out what are you going to tell her to do now

guest, Aug 4, 3:08am
You do NOT leave it plugged in while doing this. It is not safe, if teerhs a problem with the power supply while you are attached to/touching the case you could get electrocuted by a a surge of power going thru it and into you.It is now advisable to just unplug it, because the I/O sheild plate will keep the motherboard grounded to the case. But the best solution now is to get RAM with heatsinks attached, so you can't damage the RAM by touching it.Check out my channel for more tips!

guest, Aug 4, 11:43pm
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