Double image on monitor screen

Hi, Hopefully someone can help, i re installed windows vista 32bit on my hp pavilion dv6500 entertainment limited edition notebook, since this i have a double image on the screen, have installed latest chipset and video driver. that hasnt worked. the screen resolutionis set at 600 x 800 and will only go to the highest setting, which changes nothing.

geek_tania071, Mar 8, 1:46 pm

graphics drivers aren't installed correctly if you are only getting 800x600, try different graphics drivers

geek_king1, Mar 8, 2:05 pm

for my the model number of my pc. there was only 2 drivers under that the right drivers that i was looking for, it says they are already installed. not sure where to go from here. still have the double image on my screen. when i boot into safe mode its normal.

geek_tania071, Mar 8, 6:05 pm

Give us the link to what you downloaded.

geek_spyware, Mar 8, 6:29 pm

geek_tania071, Mar 8, 6:46 pm

And when i search the hp website nz, i cant find my model at all.

geek_tania071, Mar 8, 6:48 pm

can any oneone help with this please. i thought it was fixed but when restarted the problem is back again.

geek_tania071, Mar 9, 3:48 pm

try this

download , install , run , collects all outdated or missing drivers , only install the video one , if the rest of the computer is running fine don't install anything else .

if its not broke etc

note : don't install the AVG stuff , you don't need it :)

geek_froggyb, Mar 9, 6:04 pm

You don't tell us what drivers are listed so how can we help. Maybe tell us what it says.

geek_spyware, Mar 9, 6:15 pm

I will go and try froggybs suggestion now and get back to yous.i have provided the link again for the drivers that i went to download.but it said it was already installed.!os=2093&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=3380544#N441

geek_tania071, Mar 9, 9:29 pm

downloaded froggybs link for the slim drivers and installed the video ones, and this has fixed the problem.thankyou for your help froggyb and spyware.

geek_tania071, Mar 9, 10:15 pm

Welcome , thanks for the update :)

geek_froggyb, Mar 9, 10:15 pm

i think i spoke to soon froggyb.after a couple of restarts the problem has come back.It wouldnt be a hardware prob would it!

geek_tania071, Mar 9, 10:29 pm