Need a Wifi & 3G capable tablet with dock but .

rai5, Mar 5, 8:02am
Got sold a Samsung XE500 11.6 tablet with dock and salesperson knew we needed it to be 3G capable for when we are away at holiday place. We were told we could use it with our Vodafone vodem but after talking to Vodafone tonight they tell us that this model is not able to be used with a vodem.

Oh dear - now we have to go back and try to explain this to the salesperson. He assured us the vodem could connect to the USB port on the tablet or the keyboard dock.

If we are offered an exchange - and we would be happy with that - can another help and tell me what is another option for a docking tablet (forget apple) that runs Windows 8.

vtecintegra, Mar 5, 8:07am
I think vodafone is wrong here

As for alternatives I don't think I'd recommend any W8 tablet, you're better off with a real tablet, or something like the cheap Asus Touch netbook

rai5, Mar 5, 8:15am
Why do you think they are wrong! And why doesn't the vodem work in the Samsung! It works fine on current laptop (windows XP) and I thought maybe the vodem software needed to be upgraded to Windows 8. But was told the Samsung we have is not 3g capable.

vtecintegra, Mar 5, 8:23am
Assuming you have the model number correct its just a regular (if very overpriced) Windows 8 machine so unless the USB modem is very old and has no Windows 8 drivers (in which case it won't work on any Windows 8 machine) it should just work.

rai5, Mar 5, 8:28am
I don't like to be rude, but you actually have not given any constructive information here. SO what would you reccommend! And it needs to be able to be used via 3G.

Of how do you upgradevodem to be W8 capable.

vtecintegra, Mar 5, 8:36am
Find out what model the vodem is and see if there are any Windows 8 drivers available.

If there aren't any then buy a new one (or easier a pocket wifi unit like this!skuId=sku21830057&selectionKey=internet these work on any wifi capable device)

rai5, Mar 5, 6:01pm
Thanks for the help. We do not really want to buy a pocket wifi as we have two vodems and they are on a 2Gb plan each. So when we need 3G we would just use one of them.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 5, 7:51pm
No reason you couldn't just buy a pocket wifi, and swap between your 2 2GB SIM cards. No need to buy another plan or anything.

rai5, Mar 7, 8:10am
Hi vtecintegra - you are right. Vodafone & Samsung were wrong. It does work with a vodem. Tonight we went back to see the retail assistant and without much ado he sorted it out for us. We are delighted. Grateful for his help and would certainly purchase from them again.

spyware, Mar 8, 5:41am
Samsung were not wrong as it is not 3G capable, they are referring to its inbuilt capability not the capability it acquires by adding another device, i.e., a vodem.

rai5, Mar 8, 7:19am
Excuse me, while you are right, you cannot insert a 3G card, that was not what we were wanting to do.

We explained to both Vodafone & Samsung and made it very clear that we wanted to use it with a vodem. We thought at least Vodafone would understand as it is their product.

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