Seem to be getting emails.

korbo, Mar 7, 10:25pm
from my own email address.
havent opened any, so havent been into properties to see where they are coming from
Any info would be great.
getting 2-5 a day.all sent with my email address on them.

dagon1, Mar 7, 11:30pm
do you have xtra email! since they got hacked not long ago i have had a couple i delete right away and the spam im getting now is crazy bad.i think i may look around for another email to use for my personal stuff i cant trust xtra no more with personal details after being hacked

skin1235, Mar 8, 12:14am
change your password on your account

will stop access to them to enable them to send from your account

if they still arrive it is because your address has been spoofed, changing provider will not stop that from occurring, nor stop them arriving

if they had hacked your account they would have every email address on your computer, and be sending email to each purportedly coming from you, moving to a new provider won't stop that either ( nor will changing the password - cos they're not being sent from your machine)

dagon1, Mar 8, 3:40am
i did change all my passwords etc and then i did it again once i started seeing these strange emails from myself.and then i got one from guildwars ( pc game) saying someone was trying to access my account click the link below if you approve of course i did not click link.and that came from Tokyo someone trying to access my game .i changed password again to something stupid like 25 letters .but after that i still feel not protected and feel they will hack xtra/yahoo again.

was meant to say before.when i said i will look around for another email i meant just an email i will stick with telecom.but i will just change my email to somrthing else going to be pain but i think changing all my stuff like bank etc to a totally different email will give me some relief lol

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