Toshiba Laptop with Vista, undate? how? cost?

kernal1, Mar 6, 8:02am
Brought when laptops cost an arm and a leg! Have windows XP on desk top, just found I have disc. (Note not tech savy, older and blonde!)
Lap top barely used as hated Vista, maybe might not be in future either, Just had friend return after being on loan for approx 6mths! Can I upgrade with disc I have, if not how/cost andwould it make more sellable upgraded! Undecided if want to sell winter is coming and is connect via wireless broadband.Still 'like new'but fully aware that older laptops are worth damn all.maybe can equate with that! :-)

gj, Mar 6, 8:14am
For resale - you are best to return the laptop to original factory build (ie Vista), then install a security utility like Microsoft Security Essentials before going online to download all patches. This will get rid of any corrupted files, personal data etc, and it will be strictly legal. You are not entitled to use your XP CD to install on the laptop as well (technically a 'downgrade' from Vista) and would also have to find and reload all the XP drivers yourself. If its still 'as new' the sooner you sell it the better price you'll get.

vtecintegra, Mar 6, 8:14am
Vista is a more modern and better OS than XP was - it would definitely not be an upgrade

What model is the laptop! Depending on specs it may still be worth a few dollars

kernal1, Mar 7, 12:24am
Opps! Sorry! To late realised my disc was for an older PC. Have windows 7 on my PC now and that is what I would like on laptop! (No disc supplied!)
Laptop is Toshiba Satallite L300 system unit. Model no PSLBOA-O2MO27 . (O maybe 0) Did mention I am older/blonde and not tech minded! :-)

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 12:52am
To run Windows 7 it would need 1GB of RAM. Some Vista laptops only had 512KB of RAM (I think). Hold the Windows key + hit the Pause button to see how much RAM it has.

kernal1, Mar 8, 3:08am
Thanks blenhelm-trader. Looks abit tech for me! LOL. Any idea what my laptop should be worth! Know only what someone is prepared to pay but no idea of even a starting point. Cheers.

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