Thunderbird Copy and Print

crash-hdd, Mar 7, 7:33pm
I need to print off a email but i dont have a to i copy the email to a flash drive and then take it to a print shop so they can print it out for me in a format that print shop can read.

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 7:40pm
If you resize the window, so part of the desktop is visible, drag the email subject line over to the desktop and let go. Then right-click > send to your flash drive (if that is an option). Or cut (ctrl+X), navigate to your flash drive, ctrl+V to paste.

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 7:42pm
I don't know what format the file will be, maybe .eml!
There are several programs that will open those, but it might be safer to print the email to a PDF file instead. Have you got a PDF printer installed!

crash-hdd, Mar 7, 7:45pm
no i dont have PDF printer installed, will this one do!

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 7:50pm
Yes, BullZip is the one that I use mostly (I have several).

crash-hdd, Mar 7, 8:09pm
Thank you r.g.nixon work just as i wanted, printed to pdf and saved to desktop

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