TV techs in here please SONY

taipan4, Mar 7, 4:29am
Our sony kdl 40v4000 about 5 years old has died (sort of) After a bit of
trying different things I left it unplugged from the wall, tried it tonight, goes for about 3 sec with good picture & sound & dies, flashing LEDgoes 7 times which indicates over temp. Could this be a power supply fault as I've heard the capacitors die,

ryanm2, Mar 7, 6:43am
Samsung certainly had a bad run with capacitors in 2008 model TV's so yours could be the same. There is a class action suit filed in the states against Samsung for selling faulty TVs are they are fixed for free , us here in nzl dont get the same treatment.
If it is the capacitors its an easy job to do , i did ours, all you need is a soldering iron and the ability to neatly solder the new capacitors on the PCB. All very cheap and easy. You wont lose anything by doing the capacitors first, they might cost you an hour of your time and $5 from Jaycar.

drsr, Mar 7, 7:34am
Ask on!forum=34 , they seem reasonably clued up.

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