Desktop vs Laptop

shadow87, Mar 6, 5:59am
What's better and why!
We currently have both but not using the laptop much as it's only for a couple of business programmes.
Our desktop has just died so wondering whether we get another or go to a laptop.
Desktop has all our photos, documents etc on, used for banking, facebook, trademe and few online games for kids.

gibler, Mar 6, 6:09am
Do you need the portability of a laptop!

shadow87, Mar 6, 6:47am
Not really as anything we may require e.g docs, we can transfer to the lappy we have.

hollywood89, Mar 6, 6:50am
I enjoy my desktop over the laptop as I seem to get more work done. If I were buying a new laptop though I would probably check out those windows 8 laptop/ tablet hybrids. They look interesting!

r.g.nixon, Mar 6, 8:14am
Desktop = 1/2 price of the equivalent laptop.
Desktop = double the lifespan of a laptop.
(approx figures)

So basically, that makes laptops 4x the effective cost.

vtecintegra, Mar 6, 8:16am
It's cheaper to buy a basic laptop than a basic desktop (with monitor, keyboard, mouse speakers etc)

You should get more use out of a desktop before it becomes obsolete though

gj, Mar 6, 8:17am
Well maybe a little exaggerated but agree in principle. Plus desktops run cooler, are easier to upgrade, customise and repair, and can fit multiple drives.

soundsgood, Mar 6, 8:42am
I find that I get more work done on a desktop with a large screen (wider s/sheets, side-by-side documents, etc) and where the keyboard and mouse can be located to suit me.

The laptop and netbook are useful for portability and working in different locations. I use the laptop on the deck, standing up in the kitchen etc. Moving around help me think.

The netbook is easiest to carry to cafe's meetings for basic tasks like taking notes, checking web/mail updates and taking media to share.

With common/compatible software installed a piece of portable storage (and network shares) allows easy movement between the devices.

mazdasix, Mar 6, 9:52am
I used to use a desktop and a laptop but decided to get a high end laptop and sell the desktop. When I want to move around with it, I can. Otherwise I sit it on my desk and plug it into two monitors to get work done.

cafc2012, Mar 6, 11:48pm
OP has a desktop, so will already have the keyboard/mouse/monitor.I don't think I have ever seen a laptop of equivalent spec to a desktop that was cheap than the desktop.Even if you had to buy all the peripherals, the laptop is going to be more expensive.

traceyracey70, Mar 7, 12:22am
I switched from desktop to laptop because I go away often at weekends so I take my laptop with me. Also I like the fact the laptop uses less space where I dont need to have a computer desk set up anymore , I can just pop my laptop away out of site. Another thing that came in handy was when I was burgled a few months back I had my laptop with me so it wasnt taken. If I was still using my desktop then that would have gone :/

bryshaw, Mar 7, 1:01am
Lappies can be horrendously expensive to repair if the processing unit fails.

mattnzw, Mar 7, 2:37am
One big reason to go for a desktop is if you need to install hardware that a laptop can't handle, such as internal cards. Also it should be possible to get a more powerful desktop for a better price and a laptop. Also ease of repair, and building your own are advantages. eg, the dvd drive dies, you just swap it out with a new one for about $40. You can't do this as easily or cheaply with a laptop.
Laptops don't seem tot last as long as desktops, and appear to need repairing more, possibly because they get bumped around a lot. Many of the cheapones also have slower harddrives, and low spec components. The screens on many are also very poor, with poor viewing angle, where a desktop screen should be far better if you get a good ips one.

vtecintegra, Mar 7, 5:52am
Not at the low end of the market - go check out what an entry level Dell or Lenovo desktop costs compared to their basic laptop ranges

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