160gb 7200rpm vs 320gb 5400rpm

shore-trader, Mar 5, 8:35am
can someone please point me in the direction of which is better! and pros and cons. Thanks

shore-trader, Mar 5, 8:37am
This is for a notebook/laptop

vtecintegra, Mar 5, 8:37am
One is bigger the other is faster (and also probably nosier).

shore-trader, Mar 5, 8:39am
ok just I bid on and won an auction for a laptop with 320gb 5400rpm and he has just emailed saying he has upgraded it to 160gb 7200rpm for me. the HD size was a reason for me wanting it but I dont know enough to know if I should be happy or saying something (assuming I have read his email correctly, I am waiting a response)

owene, Mar 5, 8:42am
Demand that he supplies you with what you bid on. He's trying to rob you of 160GB of storage (320-160=160)! He's downgraded it.

djpk4u, Mar 5, 8:42am
the 160gb is not a upgrade! its more like a downgrade, i would be asking why!

shore-trader, Mar 5, 8:43am
Yea and that is what I guessed but without knowing what the 5400rpm means I did not want to assume. Thanks

shore-trader, Mar 5, 8:44am
this is what his email says"Also Ive just upgraded Original HDD to a Quicker 160Gb 7200Rpm -For Speed andstability .( the Original 320Hdd was running a bit slower than usual -maybe just because it was only a 5200Rpm)

djpk4u, Mar 5, 8:56am
Tell them you want the 320gb you won or ordered! 7200rpms is faster but they shouldn't cut your storage in half!

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 8:56am
I'd go for 5400rpm. Quieter, won't suck so much power, battery will last longer, laptop won't get so hot. There will be a minor speed decrease, but all manufacturers are reverting to this speed now for all but a few models.

shore-trader, Mar 5, 8:58am
Thanks guys, battery and storage were my main selling points for this notebook, I have a fast laptop for home but it is too big to drag around uni with me. I need this laptop for a specific reason but did not want to make a silly decision

djpk4u, Mar 5, 9:02am
or limiting your promised hard drive space, the upgrade would be more like 320gb 7200rpm drive not 160!

gj, Mar 5, 9:04am
Or may the seller has discovered a fault with the original drive and swapping it out to avoid a recall. Ask them to give you an honest answer.

newbie5, Mar 5, 9:24am
you bought a computer with a big hdd so why is he installing a smaller one. tell him thats why you bought it so put it back where it was or forget the sale

-mung-, Mar 5, 9:30am
Well the other thing is, though I dunno the maths, if it's bigger capacity then it has a higher data density, so more data spins past the head at any given speed so it could even out somewhat.
A speedboost you'll actually notice and want over more storage is an SSD otherwise. nup.

hakatere1, Mar 5, 4:48pm
SSD the way to go anyway. A huge increase in overall performance and speed.

In answer to your question, he has discovered there is something wrong with the original hdd and is fixing the auction at your expense. Get him to adjust price, then put it towards ssd.

shore-trader, Mar 5, 5:52pm
Trader was lovely but have decided not to go through with the trade. He had found the harddrive was playing up as people have said. Thanks for all the advice, really appreciate it, going to get a new notebook today

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