Problem connecting to https adress

jayjay54, Mar 5, 4:53am
Have been given https:// etc address by a business so I can access secure info however I cannot connect to the site - I am typing it into the search bar not the Google search barDo I need to enable or download something in order to get the site I thought it would be straight forward.Appreciate any help thank you.

little_egypt, Mar 5, 5:20am
You need to type it into the ADDRESS bar. If you're not sure what that is try pressing Ctrl-L and then type the address.

jayjay54, Mar 5, 7:03am
yes I have been typing it into the correct address bar Thanks tho

-bookzone-, Mar 5, 7:08am
Post the address here so we can check it out.

jayjay54, Mar 5, 7:15am

-bookzone-, Mar 5, 7:21am
Works for me, using Opera browser.

Comes up with 'Application and Network Access Portal'

-bookzone-, Mar 5, 7:22am
What browser are you using and can you get into other https sites!

jayjay54, Mar 5, 7:24am
I'll try it on my other computer which uses Firefox Thankyou very very much

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 7:30am
I get this (Firefox 20 Beta 2, with Java disabled as security experts recommend).

Site functionality may be limited because of the following:
Your browser does not allow Java applets to run.
The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not installed on this device, or the installed JRE version is older than version 1.5.
To resolve these issues:
Configure the browser settings to allow Java applets to run, and then access this site again.
Download and install JRE 1.5 (or higher).
Alternatively, continue to the logon page with limited site functionality.

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 7:31am
'Continue' takes me to a login screen:
Application and Network Access Portal

newbie5, Mar 5, 9:21am
I get the same message but without knowing where I am going to end up I am not going to access it.
by the way i have java installed so why am I being asked to install it again

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 9:57am
There have been about 3 Java updates in the last month - it is full of vulnerabilities. Hackers are finding them all the time.

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