Advice on an IT course/degree please

bookshelves, Feb 28, 2:13am
My son is currently in year 12 (6th form) and lives and breathes computers, he has done some programming, making his own games, running a server etc from a young age.He's very quick to pick up new stuff, so naturally wants to get into IT.

Looking ahead to next year he will be wanting to apply for some kind of tertiary course . he's doing Maths, Physics, Digital Technology, Electronics and History at school and will more than likely get marks to get into Uni.

So, what courses out there that graduates are really in demand and can get good jobs from it!He will have to relocate anyway, so city not really an issue. South Island, or Wellington would be preferable.

I'd be interested to hear ideas from those in the know . thanks.

neoslowmo, Feb 28, 2:23am
Most Uni's have a different flavour to their degrees (different modules etc) Your best bet would be to have a look on some websites with your son and see what he likes the look of.
But - for the south - Southland Institute of Tech - heard some good things about their degree.
Good luck had a great time many yrs ago doing mine

gj, Feb 28, 2:40am
To be really marketable its best to try for a degree where you can complete 2majors - like Information Technology and Commerce, or Business Information, or Accounting, or Engineering. Unless of course he just wants to stay specialised within the IT industry. If he can do some Industry experience in a related industry (even holiday jobs) it also helps to get experience and identify what opportunities are available so he can focus on where he wants to end up.

nerd-inside, Feb 28, 2:47am
Polytechnic's are also good to look at, did by Bachelor's at Otago Polytech, now contacted as a server administrator for some interesting companies in wellington, they all love the hands on training you get in the classroom

monsieurl, Feb 28, 6:39am
Pretty much the best advise you could get here ^^^

Also research what value the Degree is worth overseas, i was so pleased that I didn't do the Bachelor of Technology at Polytech and instead did the BSC in Computer science, as the latter degrees are universally recognized whereas the Tech one is not so much and i would have struggled to find work abroad.

spyware, Feb 28, 7:41am
Electrical Engineering degree from UoC.

nick91111, Feb 28, 8:22am

bookshelves, Feb 28, 8:50am
Thanks - plenty to think about .

deodar1, Feb 28, 1:44pm
(I got 59 million hits on this,Either Internet Exploder is stuffed or Google or
the Interweb is Broken,)but anyway Tertiary Education is broadly defined,it's possible to do Diploma or certificate courses as & then move on to University with credits.Avonmore has excellent courses as do Techs,prerequisites for Massey or Victoria.The main concern I had was a budget,some poly courses are fee free-especially in holiday courses.

deodar1, Feb 28, 2:08pm
Err,Memory courses are esential for tertiary study too! I read every book I
could find in the libry by that TV dude who could remember the audience names & the babes phone #'s-what Was his name again.Stuff it,I recall
something you'all thought I'd forgotten,Umm.http://tinyurl-

lythande1, Feb 28, 6:00pm
He needs to decide what area of IT he wants to do. Courses are designed accordingly. Uni is best for programming. Programming, so long as he has a talent for it, is well paid and in demand, although he needs to look and what specifically is in demand these days.

Be aware general IT repairers etc are a dime a dozen and he could find it very hard to find work in that area.

jahemian, Feb 28, 10:37pm
My boyfriend is doing his Honors at Cantab uni in Comp Sci. Started same way as your son. Running games / servers / websites etc. He flew threw his degree because he was mostly self taught before he went to uni!

I think Cantab uni also recently bought in a Comp Programming Eng degree, not sure of the difference between that a normal Comp Sci though.

sakofan, Mar 1, 3:40am
I have a Bachelor's in Computing systems but it hasn't been much use in the industry - my job opportunities and career advancement have been thanks to certifications from Microsoft, Comptia and Cisco.

athena2, Mar 4, 9:57pm
Yes, my son did that too. He was lucky that in his last year Barclays Capital came looking in NZ for graduates and he was one of 3 people selected 12 years ago. He's been in UK ever since but unfortunately his experience with investment banking is not going to be too useful if he comes back here. But he's happy over there anyway.

gjsmith2, Mar 4, 10:16pm
Needs to decide whether he wants to go into programming, testing, networking or website developing and then try to get education that specialises in them. Personally I want to get into testing and I have found that getting ISTQB qualified even at foundation (beginner) level seems to be worth more than a degree. Would not surprise me to learn there are similar qualifications for the other categories.

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