Tuning Choice Tv into a DVD Recorder?

johnhb, Mar 4, 8:11am
We have a 50' TV- Sony Bravia- and a Pioneer DVD recorder, - about 5 years old- and I can tune all the channels into the recorder - or at least I will until the end comes and Digital TV arrives at the end of the year and I'll have to throw it away- but in the interim, does anyone know how I can tune CHOICE TV into it! I can get all the other channels- including local channels like Triangle- but not Choice (which as far as I'm concerned is the last bastion of free-to-air quality TV here in Auckland). I know I??

wildwest3, Mar 4, 8:17am
Throw what out! Just get a set top box. Either sat, or UHF. I'm not sure that Choice is available without freeviewor Sky.

johnhb, Mar 4, 8:24am
Throw the DVD recorder that cost about $600 a few years ago! We've got Freeview on the TV and it just annoys me we can pick up EVERY channel, but Choice. on the DVD recorder. Given its newness, I just thought there might be some way of doing it without putting hands in pocket and shelling out yet more money.

spyware, Mar 4, 8:45am
Cheapest way would be a DVB-S box with cough, yuck analog PAL modulated RF out. Feed into aerial line and your Pioneer will be happy. Or a DVB-T box with an RF modulator (sickening thought) connected to composite out and fed into aerial line.

soundsgood, Mar 4, 9:52am
Yes, we have something similar in one room. A cheap DVB-T receiver (bought on Trademe) that connects to the (split) cabling from the roof-top aerial. RCA cables connect if to the DVD/harddrive recorder - and it connects to one of the sets of inputs on the old TV.

The menu of the DVB-T box can be used to pre-select the evening's programmes - and the recorder just runs against the single stream it is fed.

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