Best Laptop Upgrade from HP 6010b

kjekyll, Mar 3, 4:55am
Hi, looking to spend up to 2K, my 6710b is great, as far as it will go, running dual monitor, so new machine has to be able to at least that, quad core, most data now on usb3, so 6710b can't do that, I like the look of the Asus gamer machines with ssd, but battery life, running multiple monitors, back lite keyboard, 1920*1080, G75, how does it feel to live with this!I don't buy new, lose so much money, and the sales people never live with the product. maybe you can help me decide!Thanks.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 3, 5:37am
What is it's primary use. Business or home! For 2k you can buy a brand newelitebook with a 3 year warranty, don't know why you wouldn't consider it as an option.

kjekyll, Mar 3, 6:31am
Hi, thanks for the reply, I know I am living in the dark ages with an older machine like this, it was top end for the day, it still is very fast, but xp will run out one day. So looking for a "It will impress you, but you can live with it." laptop that must be a Porsche gt3 and a Prisus.I think I need help :-)

vtecintegra, Mar 3, 7:10am
What do you want to use the system for. If its business related then go for an Elitebook or possibly the Dell/Lenovo equivalent and avoid any consumer grade systems (especially anything 'gamer grade')

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