Sorta OT - printer dust cover?

goatchickens, Mar 2, 10:31pm
Looking for a dust cover for a Brother HL 2140 laser printer.can't find them anywhere!Does anyone on TM make them or know where to find (apart from ordering from overseas)!Cheers.

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 11:59pm
Cardboard box! Blanket!

mrfxit, Mar 3, 12:14am
Dust cover for a printer . LOL .

Would take a year or 2 of ordinary house dust to effect a printer.
Tea towel / old sheet rag / old towel

little_egypt, Mar 3, 12:38am
But is it ordinary house dust! Could be using it in a milk power factory or a cabinetmakers workshop.

goatchickens, Mar 3, 1:18am
It's the cat hair. so perhaps I should have clarified that I'm after a cat-hair protection cover for the printer.The cats, 4 of them, like to sleep on the printer, and I'm tired of having to clean the cat hair off it.And it's not just ordinary house dust either, as we live off a very busy shingle road, so heaps of dust gets kicked up from that, as well.

And, I won't deny being a wee bit house proud, so was looking for a something slightly more 'decorative' than a box or a blanket.8 )

r.g.nixon, Mar 3, 1:20am
Wallpaper the box!

gj, Mar 3, 1:27am
Custom made top quality covers and they ship world-wide

mrfxit, Mar 3, 1:41am
Mmmmm yes that helps .
Sounds like you need a custom plywood box made up & then wallpaper it to suit your taste.
Nothing is going to look pretty over a printer

gj, Mar 3, 4:34am
Why not post this on the 'crafts and hobbies' forum - there are plenty on there who could whip up a quilted or nylon fabric cover for you.

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