What size usb stick to record off free view tv

kevlight, Mar 2, 8:08am
have a free viewterrestrial receiver with PVR and need to record tv pro grammes what sizeUSB stick do i need to record a couple of hours, say for two programmes ! or is there any other way to do it ! thanks

shall, Mar 2, 8:11am
mine records in full HD at 3 GB approx per 30 minsso for 2 hours you would need a 16 GB stick if yours is similar recording compression etc.

hakatere1, Mar 2, 2:57pm
Externally Powered hard drive might be better to be sure.

little_egypt, Mar 2, 10:16pm
External drive. The times I've tried to record to a flash drive it hasn't been able to keep up and the recording ends up very broken.

Also be aware most freeview decoders intentionally 'mess up' the transport stream headers so you can't copy the file to a computer, or play it back anywhere except through the same box that recorded it.

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