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elect70, Feb 27, 8:56pm
I bought a Sony Bravia tv &pluggedsky decoder into the video inrcasockets(skyRCA / scartcableplug )butTVdoesntwork ondigital settingonly analouge. Is theresome thing on the Sky decoder I(Pace ) need to changeas its the same type of setupI had with my oldsony analougeveria Tv !

blans, Feb 27, 9:11pm
Try using HDMI connection

mm12345, Feb 27, 9:25pm
The "digital TV" setting on your TV is for Freeview terrestrial.If you're in range, you'll need to plug your TV aerial in to the TV and tune it.

If your sky decoder has HDMI, then you're better off using an HDMI cable rather than RCA cables or scart.There will be an option to rename the label on the menu which comes up on the TV when you go to change inputs (regardless of whether it's a DVD player, sky box, or whatever), which might make it easier to operate rather than trying to remember that "HDMI - 3" or whatever is for example your bluray player.

spyware, Feb 28, 7:45am
The RCA signals are analog and the quality is incredibly poor. The digital refers to the signal between the satellite and the decoder. Unfortunately even if you upgrade to mySky HDi and an HDMI cable the quality is still incredibly poor on all the standard definition channels. This is because they are very low bitrate mpeg2 debaucheries created as a money making exercise and not fit for any TV over 25".

spyware, Feb 28, 7:47am
And, given you are in Levin, it may pay to get a UHF antenna and enjoy some nicer DVB-T H.264 transmissions from Freeview. ONE, 2 and 3 are 1080i and TV3 run at a very nice bitrate on HD programs.

spyware, Feb 28, 7:48am
Then get an HDHomerun

and build a headend server and enjoy Freeview HD over wireless on all your devices, computer, android, jail broken iPad using XBMC etc.

spyware, Feb 28, 7:50am
P.S. Change the aspect ratio setting on crap Sky decoder from 4:3 pan/scan (fatsovision) or 4:3 letterbox (bars top and bottom) to 16:9.

Those Pace decoders have zero book value to Sky and reallyshouldn't be in anyone's home in 2013 as they are 15 years old. Somalia maybe. The poor image quality wasn't so noticeable on a 21" CRT but one can only describe a 2 Mbps mpeg2 stream as vulgar on any large modern display, especially after being converted to composite PAL.

IGLOO provides 3 Mbps H.264 streams which look a bit better, Sky use a single DVB-T2 H.264 mux running at 38 Mbps to transmit 12 channels. Another reason to get a UHF aerial maybe.

spyware, Feb 28, 8:05am
And then there's iSky another Sky piece of brilliance at 512x288. Not fit for even a phone.

mitsiboy69, Feb 28, 8:19am
You need to select the right input. The sky input won't be through the digital channels it will be through AV1/2/3 or input 1/2/3 etc

elect70, Mar 1, 4:20am
Okwill change theaspect the picture isntas goodas i expectedover the oldvwega Tvcheers

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