Vodafone 4G Problems

fords100, Feb 28, 10:09am
Is anyone else having problems connecting to the new Vodafone 4G network! I have an iPhone 5, fully up to date, and my plan is big enough to get free 4G, and I live in an area with (supposedly) 4G coverage, but can't seem to connect. Anyone else!

shall, Feb 28, 10:32am
isnt it only selected people !are you invited to use it !

2nd2none, Feb 28, 5:59pm
Have you activated 4g via contacting Vodafone and be aware it's $10 extra a month.

2nd2none, Feb 28, 6:01pm
No its live now although you need to activate it as Vodafone are not listed as lte providers on apples systems.

lythande1, Feb 28, 6:02pm
s only just launched, and coverage is shown here:

Franklin is not shown as being part of it.

fords100, Feb 28, 8:09pm
I live in Sandringham now and am right in the middle of a big green zone for 4G service (perk of living close to Eden Park!) but still won't register. Was on the phone to Vodafone last night who couldn't figure it out. My plan is $120 per month so I'm exempt from the extra $10 charge. Strange.

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