Designer -> Developer

d.laidlaw, Feb 27, 7:31pm
Where would you expect hand off to occur between these two roles!

Who would you think owns what aspects of creating the website!

_drdee_, Feb 27, 7:53pm
Developer creates the website backend, usually based off of a design concept, designer makes it look pretty. They both need to work pretty closly together to get both parts to gel.

holdenboy11, Feb 27, 8:20pm
I think you forgot the front end.

jancemord, Feb 27, 8:26pm
I have just been reading a discussion on this on Linkedin and it seems now the term "designer" should also cover front end dev of html and css and then the developer takes over and does all of the intricate stuff of making things dynamic etc

d.laidlaw, Feb 27, 8:33pm
Interesting so far.

smac, Feb 27, 8:54pm
These terms and plenty of others have so many meanings in every different organisation, it will be very hard to come to an agreement here that sits right with everyone.

In my world the designer is responsible for producing a solution that meets all aspects of the requirements. They will flesh out the front end look and feel (but may draw on the expertise of a UI designer, that's different again), database requirements, any interfaces etc. The developer is just the monkey bashing out the code to deliver that design.

In other places those terms will mean something else.

d.laidlaw, Feb 27, 9:19pm
You are very right and yes you get that mix too.

Thinking more down the line of a traditional Web Designer and Web Developer than into the more spread Designer, Architect, DBNA, Developer sort of environments.

gj, Feb 28, 2:47am
These are roles - not necessarily discrete jobs. So in one organisation one person may perform several roles, whereas in a large IT shop there may be specialists performing each role, (and not forgetting security).

??? Project manager
??? Content manager
??? Editor
??? Digital/content strategist
??? Designer
??? Information architect
??? Programmer/Developer/coder
??? IT specialist
??? Analytics specialist
??? Usability specialist
??? Subject matter expert/content contributor

d.laidlaw, Feb 28, 4:59am
A clever anewer gj even if it doesn't help.

So I'll further define. Say you have a person with a hat that says designer and another person with a hat that says developer and they are cooperating on a project what boundaries would you assume!

smac, Feb 28, 5:06am
None. The roles of any two parties will be different, project by project. Biggest part of any project is communication, and the first step is setting all that stuff up.

I realise this doesn't help you, but you're not asking what you actually want to know.

gj, Feb 28, 7:57am
It all depends on the workflow you choose to follow, but if its a 2-man contest then Web designer is primarily responsible for the customer-facingpart of the site (look and feel, usability, content, navigation)
Developer does the back-end (site management, PHP, CGI, scripts, interfaces, security, forms etc.)but there will always be an overlap.

gj, Feb 28, 8:16am
Customer needs the designer, Designer needs the developer.
Here's a really interesting debate on the subject

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