Adobe reader XI is crap

nzoomed, Feb 27, 9:13pm
Took me a while just to find where the text search box had been moved to, it used to be in the toolbar, and now you have to right click the document and select find, or use ctrl+f.
And i still havnt figured out where it is in the browser plugin when viewing a PDF in your web browser!

wayne416, Feb 27, 10:01pm
Try the best pdf viewer pdfxchange. Its free and you can fill in pdfs also.

-bookzone-, Feb 27, 10:42pm
Foxit is another option to consider.

gj, Feb 27, 10:54pm
Works fine for me - I always use Ctrl+F. And pdf's open automatically in Chrome.
In Adobe reader you can choose which toolbars you want to display (including Find and Advanced Search) see link below

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