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jerards, Feb 26, 1:12am
I've just bought a printer for my daughter for school, it's a HP 1050 and i've been looking at the printer cartridges.Auction 566402819 is remanufactured cartridges.Are these okay to use!They seem a lot cheaper than at the store. I've been looking through the feedback to see what other people have said on it but it won't let me go past the second page.

Anyone know much about these!Thanking you.

hakatere1, Feb 26, 3:12am
All I ever use isinkvenus dot etc. I pay $9 per cart as opposed to $25 in shop. So.

No drop in quality either.

_drdee_, Feb 26, 3:27am
Just remember tho, non-genuine carts will void manufacturers warranty.
And in my experience 99% of all printer issues I have had to deal with relate to cheap or refilled carts.

gj, Feb 26, 3:40am
My advice is don't use fake cartridges until the printer is out of warranty.

jfor, Feb 27, 1:10am
Hi there,.Iuse cheap cartridges, print
& ink quality is excellent, its true about the warrantything, butits just about as cheap to buy a new printer than pay top prices for ink, I havea Brother, itgets a fair bit of use, has been through more than 10 new cartridgesand isstill goingstrong !I've saved$100's.

soundsgood, Feb 27, 1:57am
Interesting. So far the responses are in line with whether someone works in the industry or is a general member of the public.

If I worked for Holden, and you asked whether I should fit generic parts to my commodore, what answer would you expect!

Of course you could always keep the (nearly empty) HP branded cartridges, use generic brand ones, and if any problem ever arises - swap them around and see if the problem remains.

_drdee_, Feb 27, 5:11am
Hmm, the answer from somebody in the industry who experiences dealing with the same problem numerous times a day or some random who has had the same printer for years and 'reckons' something.

footplate1, Feb 27, 5:14am
I have used refills for the last several printers.Only irritant is that the ink level reader doesn't always work.

newbie5, Feb 27, 7:33am
If you are going to use refills then get them from a reputable company. Not some guy wanting to make a few bob selling them cheap on TM

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