Can't install adobe flash player.

My husband can probably figure it out but he's at work until tonight so I'm wondering if someone can help. I'm getting that annoying "Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date" at the top of my page this morning and I can't watch any videos. It won't run even when I push the 'Run This Time' button and it won't seem to install either. I get a box that says "Failed to initialise". Any ideas! TIA.

geek_b190, Feb 27, 7:48 am

try install it from here

geek_king1, Feb 27, 8:14 am

I tried that and it won't work either, the same thing happens. Weird! Thanks though:)

geek_b190, Feb 27, 9:45 am

Did you try uninstalling the dated one first! I have version 11.5.502.110 and it works fine. I uninstalled the older one last year when I got that message with ff4 and just updated without any problems.

geek_hakatere1, Feb 27, 9:55 am

How would I uninstall the dated one.! Maybe I should wait for dh to get home. I'm a bit of a computer virgin.

geek_b190, Feb 27, 10:02 am

download and run crapcleanerfrom filehippo, as i would guess you run winblows. in ccleanerclick fix all issuesand then try again.

geek_intrade, Feb 27, 10:05 am

Start/Control Pane/Programs and Features. Near the top. Just double click it.

After uninstall, restart machine and install latest version.

On 2nd thoughts, leave for hubby. Knowing my luck, he'll be 6' 8" and hunt me down.

geek_hakatere1, Feb 27, 10:42 am

hahaha 6'2. yeah I think I'll leave it for now. Thanks guys!

geek_b190, Feb 27, 10:50 am

just uninstall and dont bother with it its just got another security hole update i guess it weill be new now every other day.

geek_intrade, Feb 27, 8:28 pm