Satellite tv help please

wendalls, Feb 27, 12:28am
Hi. A complete novice here. I would like to get another tv running around a corner from my sky receiver and main tv. Is the easiestoption to buy a splitter andcabling! We must already have another splitter in the wall as we get it upstairs in the bedroom too.
Also we have a tv "jack" /aerial connection in another room which we cant get anything to work off. Have tried sky receiver and freeview box (!satellite) and tried to change settings with no luck. I think it showed no signal received. Do we need to climb in roof to see if we can find something from it! Or best just to get a professional.! Thanks

guyh, Feb 27, 12:46am
Spend a couple of $ and get it done properly by a TV tech. They will advise best option and any problems, you can get them back to fix them.

gabbysnana, Feb 27, 5:07am
each tv needs its own stb

kmole, Feb 27, 6:41am
We got a tv ariel dude to come split ours.

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