How do i crop a PDF file?

j96, Feb 25, 3:27am
I've emailed myself a photo as a PDF but when i scanned it, it didn't take up the whole page. How to i crop it!

r.g.nixon, Feb 25, 4:40am
Convert it to an image.

gj, Feb 25, 5:52am
Firstly if you want to scan a photo for later editing you are better to scan as TIF or JPG. PDF is a document type not an image type. You can't crop a pdf file in Adobe Reader but you can use the 'Take a Snapshot' tool to copy a selected area and paste it into another image file. (Even MS Paint will do for this).

get back if you need more details

j96, Feb 26, 9:41am
Thank you, i'll try this :-)

j96, Feb 26, 9:44am
I cant find the take a snapshot tool, where would i find that!

-mung-, Feb 26, 1:25pm
I imagine he means the screen capture utility. You'll lose data if you originally scanned it at a good resolution because your screen most likely wont be big enough to accommodate it at 1:1 size. What software do you have! Most decent image editors should open a pdf as an image. Hopefully it wont ask you to specify it's resolution, but if it does and you didn't take note of what you scanned it at, make it 300dpi.

deodar1, Feb 26, 1:40pm
Take the cropped photo & plant it under a new moon.Run2x around the
house with antlers on yur head&grasping a sample of the crop you want.
In a month or so your new crop will begin.Enjoy

r.g.nixon, Feb 26, 6:40pm
No. Adobe Reader has a 'snapshot' tool. Look through the menus. I always customise my toolbar and add it there. Also in preferences I change it from 72 to 200dpi. To use it you click it and drag a rectangle over the area you want to capture (it will scroll the window when you get to the bottom). When you release, it captures an image to the clipboard.

valentino, Feb 27, 12:19am
How did you scanned it, most would have a preview screen before scanning and this is where you make your selection to the size. then it should save as a jpeg.

If you have a scanned copy in PDF form and if you want to crop a photo or pic from it then use the "snipping Tool" (windows accessories).

gj, Feb 27, 2:39am
Hi - I'm back. FIrst you need to make sure all your toolbars are turned on in Adobe Reader. Here's a snapshot which shows how.
Then use it as r.g.nixon said in #8

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 4:58am
In Reader: Edit > Take a snapshot

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