Audio sync issues Premiere pro, Help Please?

pomtom44, Feb 26, 11:58pm
Hey all.

So I have just filmed about 3 hours worth of gaming videos using XSplit recorder,
in a mp4 format, and when I played it back using VLC it all seemed fine.

However I went to import it into premiere to start editing it I noticed the sound was completly out.

I have recorded some audio and video times listed below to show the sync times and how they are out.


As you can see it gets worse over time.
I could manualy do a time shift on the audio to align it but thats a lot of work as I have multiple clips to edit and would like a proper fix for it

I did some quick research and found one fix was to make the sequence settings the same as the video file, but that didnt work for me.
also trying to conform the video file also didnt help me out.

Anyone have any other ideas!

Thanks In Advance

-mung-, Feb 27, 3:52am
Try converting it to a different format using MPEG Streamclip. Use a good codec.

Hacky solution is to grab everything, dump it on the timeline, unlink audio and video, group all the audio then use the rate stretch tool to align the end of the audio to the video (should snap). Ungroup, and relink each audio and video clip. That last part will be done faster is you assign a keyboard short cut to the link/unlink command. Say, cmd/cntrl + L.

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