21 Yrs PC Exp. Yet Networking Still Eludes Me

harrymay, Feb 26, 2:16am
Say I am playing an old multi player video game but there are no servers using the game's default set up and lobby.

Is it possible that there are actually players outthere on servers that are not associated with the game's master server and in order to play with them I would have to Google up those other servers!

ootz, Feb 26, 2:27am
Could try www.gametracker.com. Supports a quite a few games and you can launch directly from their website into a server

meathead_timaru, Feb 26, 4:48am
Duke Nukem 3D!

harrymay, Feb 27, 2:29am
Oots - Yeah, I've been to Gametracker but I thought those servers would all pull up in the games' lobby anyway.

harrymay, Feb 27, 2:31am
Yeah, like Duke.

For instance, I am getting ready to Install Quake IV.if the game's lobby is dead is there some place that would list active servers that the game itself cannot find!

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