Mac Mail - access to it on my iMac, MacBook & iPad

pipilongstockng, Feb 23, 11:12pm
Hi, having a real Nana moment here ! Help! . I've got mail coming into a Slingshot account and being forwarded into my mac mail account.Now that I've an ipad, and have had wifi for a while, I want to be able to tap into my mail from the pad and book, whether at home or away . gee how do I set that up, or do I just nip into the Slingshot server, which doesn't have all my folders, replies etc.Thanks for your time in response :)
Oh I'm not able to update my system to be on icloud, and things are coming thru slingshot as I wanted to just have my website

jancemord, Feb 24, 1:50am
huh,Your post is a bit confusing as it sounds like you have 3 accounts when you could just have one you may have a mac but there is no need for a "mac" account

pipilongstockng, Feb 24, 3:46am
Hi ok, sorry for the confusion .no, I only have one lot of mail, that I currently see when my imac, 'Mail' application automatically opens . how do I go about accessing it from the ipad, and macbook.Each have the Mail icon, but want me to set up an account, but I already have one - do I set it up with exactly the same details as appear in the imac settings

-mung-, Feb 24, 5:45am
you need to set it up on the device so it knows about your slingshot account.

Got to settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add account. Then click Other.
Add mail account >stick your name, email address, account password and in description, I dunno, stick "slingshot" or something.

I can't go further without setting one up myself and I have nothing to set up. Just make sure both the mac and iPad are set to IMAP which should be the default anyway. If it's pop it wont work properly.

pipilongstockng, Feb 25, 7:26am
Oh thanks for that . the account is POP - I'm doing a bit of investigation to see about IMAP, but maybe its not cause my slingshot webmail is picking up mail addressed to my website, which is just a addy - I didn't want to have 'slingshot' appearing in it, so I think cause its being redirected or whatever the terminology, that means it has to be a POP addy . thanks for the info, I do have a bit more clarification now. :)

pipilongstockng, Feb 25, 12:01pm
Yay ! . got access to the mail on the ipad so thats fantastic . thank you mung for your advice, and jancemord for your time :)

-mung-, Feb 25, 11:14pm
np :)

Just to reiterate the difference between POP and IMAP (because so much online documentation is. kinda crap to read), POP downloads the entire message to your device. There is an option to then delete from the server after that. If that option is checked, no other device will be able to access those emails because they aren't there anymore. If it's not checked then the server eventually gets clogged up with old emails (there is also an option to delete ofter x days though) Basically POP is bad news for syncing devices.

IMAP downloads only the headers of messages (so you get a list of messages) and the full message if you open it. Anything you do on the device is reflected on the server which means it's also reflected on all other devices that are synced. So you delete or move an email on your iPad, the same thing happens on your computer & phone almost instantly. Either way though you have to start thinking about not keeping most messages indefinately, though most mailboxes are huge:)

jackiechan3, Feb 26, 11:35pm
as for i could is it synced righthave a fiddle around with everything just don't delete anything and soo what happens thats how i teached my self how to do everything

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