New sony TV

elect70, Feb 15, 4:39am
Just bought a Sony 55ex630& its connected to mysony HX780HDDCDI used thecoponentcabletoconnect thesound output from theHDD to mystereo amptapeinputsocketsinstead of the TV . But thesound is out of sync with the picture any way of fixing it !

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 5:07am
Does the TV have a game mode! If so try switching to that

mm12345, Feb 15, 8:45am
That might work, or if not try using the RCA audio out from the back of the TV to the stereo (HDMI sound to the TV should be in sync with the picture, the component cable may not be).
Out of sync problems can be a curse.

elect70, Feb 16, 1:01am
The Tv only has an opticaloutput for home theaterthats why I used the line out from the DVD/HDD .Dont like the TV soundas speakers areat rear & sound isnt clearto my old ears . Oh well back toorigonal . Yet this worked fine with my old sony Wegatrinitron Tv .

vtecintegra, Feb 16, 2:00am
If the TV has a headphone jack (and it probably does) then you can use that to connect to the stereo

elect70, Feb 18, 4:30am
Thanks , yes it doesi will try to get a headphone jack to RCA , in factit does mention thatin fine printin the manual.& i triedRCAvidout to TV& audiotoRCA in on ampno differencestill out of sync .I wait with bated breath for some HDMI programmeto see if it realy isall that better(excluding the sky$10time rort )

timberman, Feb 26, 10:48am
Have you checked you system menu
My Samsung has a sound control which you gives you an increase or decrease with the sound delay between the sound & picture
Just a thought

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