Controlling internet access

jasabba, Feb 26, 6:01am
Can you control from your computer the websites a household view if several people have computers int his house! I have a case of Mr Nobody downloading and using up 100g of internet in a month.

gibler, Feb 26, 7:21am
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king1, Feb 26, 7:23am
not really unless you own the computers then you can install parental control software on them all eg K9 or netnanny.
You could have a look at the modem and see if that has any options but most 'domestic' units do not.Others here have suggested you can reprogram some modems with alternative firmware to achieve this (gargoyle I think comes to mind).

guardian_angelt, Feb 26, 7:25am
Yes and no. However nothing I can think of is something easy to walk someone through or a quick fix. However i'm no IT expert, just a long standing enthusiast.

Some all in one routers have the option to block P2P and Torrent traffic.

The other option is to build a proxy server.

spyware, Feb 26, 7:27am
Of course you can but it takes technical skills you may not have. Otherwise you purchase prebuilt appliances that will do such things. They have two network cards and act as gateway device before you modem thingy. Basic functionality by limiting throughput can be achieved by using a routing device, e.g., Mikrotik, and programming accordingly.

spyware, Feb 26, 7:30am
An example of a software appliance that could be installed on said gateway device.

soundsgood, Feb 26, 9:35am
If it is a case of identifying who the Mr Nobody is then your basic router should show connection and usage statistics through its web interface.

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