Water cooled vs air cooled?

price vs performance - I'm only going to be over clocking to around 4.1-3ghz, (i5-3570k) is there any point in spending $210 for a corsair hydro 100i compared to after market air cooling! say the cooler master hyper 212 evo!

geek_dylandylandylan, Feb 26, 6:27 pm

Air cooling will be fine considering the stock speed is 3.8GHz. Just get a nice big Cooler Master CPU cooler and a decent flowing case.

geek_mazdasix, Feb 26, 6:32 pm

Even better, get the bigger cpu set & then you won't need to over clock it.

geek_mrfxit, Feb 26, 7:52 pm

You can't do much better than a stock 3570K

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 26, 7:55 pm

It's 3.4

geek_ross1970, Feb 26, 8:26 pm