Cpanel web hosting

creeky1, Feb 26, 12:03am
is anybody else having issues. we can't access our website or e-mail.

_sms_, Feb 26, 12:08am
Your issue will be with your hosting company and not cpanel.

creeky1, Feb 26, 12:11am
Be good if they answered the phone.

lythande1, Feb 26, 1:42am
Get one that does then.

creeky1, Feb 26, 1:49am

-bookzone-, Feb 26, 1:57am
Which company is causing you grief!

tillsbury, Feb 26, 2:23am
Yes, cpanel is one of the best control panels out there, I'm currently using another one for a couple of websites and wish I was back on cpanel!Lodge a support ticket with your hosting company and mark it urgent if you can't get to your website.

d.snell, Feb 26, 6:34am

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