Anyway to access files on a PC without knowing.

photog65, Feb 25, 6:59pm
. the Windows password!

little_egypt, Feb 25, 7:39pm
1) ntpasswd cd, and remove the password
2) any other linux live cd and just ignore windows entirely
3) slave the drive in another machine and ignore windows entirely

(note that's three different ways of doing, not three steps instructions.)

king1, Feb 25, 7:40pm

little_egypt, Feb 25, 7:43pm
Oh yeah, also ophcrack and recover the password (if it's not too complex)

velenski, Feb 25, 8:04pm
what if the drive is encrypted .

photog65, Feb 25, 8:49pm
What's the easiest way to recover the password!

king1, Feb 25, 9:39pm
take it to a shop/tech.

monsieurl, Feb 25, 10:06pm
If the Computer has failed then remove the Harddrive pick up a $5 external case and plug it in to another PC, download Kapersky and use Kapersky to backup all your old Harddrive Data!

If you have forgotten your password, just start it up in safemode and access your files from there or remove passwords from profiles.

photog65, Feb 25, 11:38pm
How do i do this!

gj, Feb 26, 12:12am
! Where can you get a 3.5" external case for $5! and why would you advise to download Kaspersky (Pure) to do a backup!

gj, Feb 26, 12:15am
Which version of Windows!

monsieurl, Feb 26, 12:30am
Plenty of $1 reserves on TM and have bought a few 2.5 and 3.5's on DX for under $10.

Kapersky removal tool is an easy alternative to cloning an entire HD have used it many times to remove data from bad sectored and dying HD's

hakatere1, Feb 26, 1:15am
Read again all the replies to your op photog. Everything you need to know is in them.

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