Saving a three page PDF into Microsoft Publisher

javlin, Feb 23, 9:09pm
Looking for some technical help here please. I have been sent a document in PDF form and am trying to insert it into an existing Publisher document. The PDF is three pages long. I have managed to copy the first page into Publisher but am not having any success with the following two pages. I copied the first page by right clicking on the PDF icon. When I did this a second time to get the second page I got the first page again. I have tried opening the PDF, highlighting the second page and C&Ping it but end up with blank pages or a page with a tiny percentage of the original document. What am I doing wrong! Any help appreciated thanks.

soodanim, Feb 24, 12:03am
PDFs can be have permissions on them that don't allow you to "copy and paste".

Get the person to send you the information in some other format that is editable.

r.g.nixon, Feb 24, 12:10am
Hi javvy! Upload it to , there will be a big choice of formats that they can send it back to you in.

soodanim, Feb 24, 12:19am
A lot of the convertors don't do a great job with formatting and or giving you back ALL the document. It's worth a try but it would be better to just get the information from the original sender in a format that can be used to copy into publisher.

speedy_11, Feb 24, 12:31am
easy solution would be to screenshot each page, save those screenshots as .jpgs then insert them individually.

I know that MS Office 2010 has a function to insert pdf's but not sure which version of publisher you are using

javlin, Feb 24, 1:56am
Hi Rossy, Thanks for that! Very helpful. Now have the doc where I want it! Much appreciated.

javlin, Feb 24, 2:29am
Thank you to the other posters for their responses. Appreciate your time. The sender received it as a PDF from someone else. I have tried to contact that third party.

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