Broadband Telephone plans for Whangarei area

stells3, Feb 22, 9:54pm
Still reeling from the shock of getting my phone bills from Telecom.$192 for BB & Home phone plus $238 for mobile on a corporate plan.Can shift mobile onto Vodafone through company but still really psst about getting monthly bills of $430 for communications.Plus the internet keeps dropping out all the time and have had Telecom (Chorus) around to sort it out and they rubbed some rust off the wire which fixed the prob for a couple of weeks, them back to same old same old on / off cycle. What's the best recommendation for Home phone BB plan!
Anyone using Fibre!Who's tried Uber Group!
Any help will be most appreciated.TIA.

zak410, Feb 22, 10:09pm
few of my neighbours are with Ubernet and very happy with it, they got good speed up and down, no phone line required.

spraggs, Feb 22, 10:17pm
I've got fibre with xfnet. It drops out from time to time but for $80 a month with 100 data and home phone I don't complain.

stells3, Feb 22, 10:43pm
Thanks for feedback.I'm going to be looking for a home phone line as well, so will be wanting to combine it to IP.

intrade, Feb 23, 2:20am
your wiring wont ever be good. i have had telecon fix my line at least 200 times by now used to be dead every 3 weeks now its a few months befor i have to ring em to fix it again. usually just loads of noise and disconections , they told me they still have the old 20 year old junk in the exchange every 6 month the card dies and they exchange it for a other repaired card in the exchange.
i am with snap and phone for 70 somthing bux
For uber you need line of site.

jax0911, Feb 23, 3:00am
I just got with ultracom for $79 a month for 150 gb plus phone and answering etc, really good deal I thought. Seems great so far.

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spraggs, Feb 23, 6:37am
Ultra Com, thats the same place as xfnet but I couldn't remember their new name! I have to say they have a few hiccups but it's so nice having nothing with telecom.

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badcam, Feb 23, 8:26am
Sounds like Onerahi. My folks exchange is the Onerahi one. They're a hundred yards away from a DSLAM (!)fibre optic to he heads and can't connect to it.

OP. I've tried a few up here. I'd suggest Snap, for both customer service, service itself and value for money. I like to run neked here, Slingshot unlimited. I absolutely cannot complain about it, but getting them do the transfer/connection was a challenge.

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