Converting cassette tapes to disk

this will probably sound like a really stupid question but I honestly havent a clue.can you convert cassette tapes *not pre-recorded* and mini tapes to a disk.if you can how do you do it and as im totally ignorant in these thigs who could I go to to get it done!.TIA

geek_firebirds, Feb 22, 9:01 pm

Its pretty easy if you have a tape player.
??? Download and install Audacity recording software which also lets you clean up the audio like getting rid of hiss etc.
??? Plug the Tape player output into your soundcard input (usually the pink socket), start Audacity recording and play the tape.
??? When it ends you will have a sound file which you can then export in MP3 format (or whatever option you want).
??? save to disk, burn to CD or upload to MP3 player.

geek_gj, Feb 22, 10:11 pm

Thank you so much for your help I am organising a large family reunion and have found 3 old dicataphones.and 3 pre teens are going to gather the stories from those that are there.the tapes will be going into a time capsule and it wont be opened for 20 years but would like to make disk copies before the capsule is closed.I really appreciate your help

geek_firebirds, Feb 22, 10:17 pm

Jaycar sell a little cassette player that can plugged into your computer using the USB port or your soundcard input.

geek_thewomble1, Feb 23, 1:36 am