2008 - iMac Software Upgrade

citychic2010, Feb 21, 9:08pm
I purchased an iMac back in 2008, am trying to download OS X Mountain Lion however it's saying I can't. What do I need to do!

bartandalison, Feb 21, 9:32pm
Those iMacs are limited to 10.6 from memory - their CPU doesn't support the advanced versions of 10.7/.8
Have a look here:

citychic2010, Feb 21, 9:40pm
Thank you bartandalison
Do you know if there is a way of increasing their memory!

billyjessie, Feb 21, 10:03pm
Can I ask why you want to upgrade to the mountain lion!

jahemian, Feb 22, 8:39am
Surely you can put another HDD in and more RAM!

vtecintegra, Feb 22, 8:49am
You can add more memory, but its probably best to stick with 10.6 - later versions aren't necessarily an improvement especially on old hardware

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