Adobe reader in Windows 8 - how do you print?

Can someone help me.Need to print a form that is adobe reader.Using windows 8, but can't find how to print it - is it possible, if not any suggestions for printing it!

geek_sirtexan, Feb 21, 5:09 pm

Ctrl - P or hover around the bottom of the pdf and a box appears with a printer icon in it

geek_d.snell, Feb 21, 5:13 pm

thank you so much!

geek_sirtexan, Feb 21, 5:15 pm

It took me a while too

geek_rozendaal, Feb 21, 9:51 pm

Or you can use a much more desirable reader/editor that has a complete toolbar. Free.!utm_source=Reader&utm_medium=ReaderApp

geek_hakatere1, Feb 22, 4:12 am