What is a best/good free Antivirus

banzaibob, Mar 14, 9:52pm
What is the best/good free antivirus apart from avast that I'm using now, I would like to now a other alternative for Avast! Looks like Avast is not going to be free any more!

mark.52, Mar 14, 10:21pm
Avast will maintain it's free version. What gave you the idea it was requiring payment!

gj, Mar 14, 10:31pm
Asking this question on here will get you every possible answer - its a popularity contest rather than a factual analysis.
I suggest you read a more objective review like this one http://tinyurl.com/4ufthl and make up your own mind based on what type of browsing you do. As each vendor releases a new version each year the ratings may change however they are all pretty competent.
Also search the message board "keyword = free antivirus" and you will find plenty of posts already on this.

trevenco, Mar 15, 5:06am
Your title says it all. Best, good, free. Yea right. If you want the best good software, it's not free. And if it is it's not that good, and surely not the best.

chnman, Mar 15, 6:24am
You probably installed one of the pay versions, like Pro or Internet Security, or when you went to install you were offered a trial for 30 days, or the free one just has to be renewed (still free).

See what you have installed, and if it is not the free version, uninstall then get the free version. New version 8 only recently released and it looks different than v7 in case you think you have installed something else.

liggy2, Mar 15, 6:33am
I downloaded a new freebee called comodo firewall seems to be ok and doesn't slow your computer down.

dudekrulz, Mar 15, 11:37am
Avast is too much nagware like Avira these days.

owene, Mar 15, 12:34pm
Get Norton as it's a virus in it's own right. Then you'll be able to exercise the best and brightest on the subject of how to remove it.

Can't beat Microsoft Essentials. So far it's remained free but the question is will this continue.

hakatere1, Mar 15, 4:12pm
Isn't av though. I use Panda Cloud. It's the best imo.

oakie, Mar 15, 6:38pm
You rate Microsoft Essentials above Norton's[ maybe Internet Security]! you seriously need your head read! Nothing wrong with the Norton's over the past few years. Google the best Internet Security and see how high it rates from expert opinions.

dudekrulz, Mar 15, 7:26pm
so wrong in every way. MSE is utter utter crap as tested by many independent tests and Norton post 2011 is fine. Outdated beliefs are really outdated.

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 7:38pm
Yes, MSE is pretty much the worst free A/V in current tests.

gdf001, Mar 15, 8:10pm
I run AVG free and the Windows firewall. Seems OK and not too intrusive. I run an online scan (Fsecure)occasionally just to double check.

ianalice1, Mar 15, 9:44pm
Yep, I've used Comodo Internet Security since it first came out, many years ago.
It is good, particularly the Firewall, gets good results.
Not had a virus since me Win 98SE days.

audi44, Mar 16, 9:27am
after reading the latest test in a german computer magazine I changed back to Avira

guest, Aug 3, 12:31pm
Don't believe aytnhing they tell you is free. It's not. Somewhere along the way you will have to pay someone for something. I got well and truly done over by a sneaky techo. who took advantage of my not knowing enough to ask the right questions. He told me the CA he put on my machine was free!! What a load! The so called free' version ran out in three months and then I found I had to pay for the new version. And I found out I have to pay for the newest every year! Don't believe them they are all out to take' you. Good luck.

guest, Aug 4, 11:13pm
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