Transfer dvd onto usb on my laptop to watch on tv

kevlight, Mar 16, 5:02am
have atv with PVR so in order to watch my favorite DVD ,i want to copy it to usb,using my laptop .Vista

what format doi need to format the usb and what size usb i have 16 and 32 gb
Any thing else i need to know, thanks

kieran211, Mar 16, 5:13am
What video formats does your PVR support playing off of USB!

Typically you do what is called a "rip" where you unencrypt and save the DVD data into the computer then convert that to a video file (that you can put on a USB stick and play in something).

HandBrake is a great app for this (two in one, rip and convert). Have a good read here if you want to go ahead:

Again, make sure you know what video codec is compatible with your PVR so you don't waste time. Once you've got the hang of things it takes about 30 mins per DVD. If you don't know what formats your PVR takes, then what PVR (brand, model number) do you have!

Just to please the nanas on here: "don't break copyright law, this is at your own risk, I'm not promoting breaking copyright, I'm promoting a knowledge society"

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