Is there a reliable file shredder

to get rid of emails online, thanks in advance

geek_crab2, Mar 15, 3:34 pm

files shredder! emails online!

geek_king1, Mar 15, 4:27 pm

sorry I realised afterwards I had the title wrong, I'm wanting to download a shredder to remove confidential information emails from my email inbox, not just delete as I know that they can still be on the hard drive.

geek_crab2, Mar 15, 4:59 pm

geek_incognetoe, Mar 15, 4:59 pm

ccleaner's free space wipe is probably the best option. Files tend to get moved around on disk as they grow, so a traditional 'file shredder' that only overwrites the current location of the file is likely to leave other fragments of the same emails elsewhere on the disk. A free space cleaner should get all of them.

geek_little_egypt, Mar 15, 5:48 pm

I had looked at that but just wanted to be sure it wasn't going to leave anything behind

geek_crab2, Mar 15, 5:54 pm

Thanks, I already have ccleaner, will check it out

geek_crab2, Mar 15, 5:54 pm

I did a big test on this last year with a few formatters/ zero fillers & recovery prg's (Paid & free)
Ccleaners "wipe free space" does work rather well.

geek_mrfxit, Mar 15, 9:36 pm