Ubuntu Sound Driver Flash Crash

I recently updated my HDA Intel sound card drivers as my sound was cutting out every few seconds, making listening to sound impossible. Although I'm not sure this was such a good idea as now flash has had a complete tantrum and crashes immediately whenever I try to play anything. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling in a multitude of different ways but no luck. I'm not sure where the best way to get help for this issue is as I haven't been using linux for long. Does anyone have any suggestions on where a good place for newbie linux help is or else what I could do to try and fix this problem!

geek_vermox, Mar 18, 10:06 pm

try on the ubuntu forms a quick google search will find it for you there is lots of useful stuff there

geek_beast9, Mar 18, 10:09 pm


I think they still exist, http://wellylug.org.nz/

geek_little_egypt, Mar 18, 10:09 pm

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geek_guest, Aug 3, 7:56 pm

javac -versionThe program javac' can be found in the filolwong packages: * jikes-sun * jikes-sablevm * kaffe * sun-java6-jdk * jikes-classpath * java-gcj-compat-dev * ecj * j2sdk1.4 * jikes-gij * jikes-kaffe * sun-java5-jdk * gcj-4.1Try: sudo apt-get installbash: javac: command not found

geek_guest, Aug 5, 11:05 am

this line should be a colpime error, if the sort() method doesn't have an Unrestricted marker or use a function type declaration for the closure parameter.ThirdPartyCollections.sort(list, cmp); I confess tho, I can't see why. If retrofitting the entire JDK with "extends RestrictedClosure" where needed, is acceptable, then why would a rule that says "every single method interface that does not extend UnrestrictedClosure, by default, extends RestrictedClosure". I don't see the difference between manual retrofitting and automatic implicit retrofitting.Now, if the objection is that it's not nice for the JVM/javac to silently add additional superinterfaces, I would point out that this is already the case for Java arrays, which implicitly implement Cloneable and Serializable. javac could simply consider the absense of an UnrestrictedClosure marker on a SAM to be an implicit RestrictedClosure.The automatic conversion to SAMs is a useful feature, but it seems to be bothering some people that they can have unrestricted closures passed to their legacy methods masquerading as SAMs.The most obvious example being the numerous listener methods (not just in the JDK) in which a non-local return would cancel event propagation to other listeners. Now IMHO, this may actually be a desirable property in some circumstances, but there you go.I think you'll find that people might develop retrofitting classloaders anyway to wall off legacy code, so I think it is useful to hear out the complaints and see if there isn't some way to address it.This issue seems to be a sticking point for many people.

geek_guest, Aug 7, 1:24 pm